Memory bundle

 The possibility to hold the memory of a loved one in your hands.


Remembering a loved one

A possibility to put safely away those cherished objects. To reminisce, smile and be sad. To hold in your hands, open and close again and again.

I will shape this memory together with you, in talking about your loved one and handpick items of clothing to be used. So you wil give your hands a memory, next to your mind.

Making a bundle starts with a talk. We speak about wonderful memories, and determine which objects will be stored safely in this special bundle.

In my studio I will make a design for you to see.

There are several possibilities for working the fabric, such as an extra edge, sewing by hand, adding a sculptural piece.

bundle of E., closed
bundle of E., open
bundle of E.L. open
bundle of E.L., closed
bundle of G.

For instance this bundle, G, put on this page with permission, as are the others.

In my studio I divide colours and black and white, look at which clothing holds the most memories. And I’m looking at parts to use, like pockets, a pretty loop, closings.

What is the most important about G.? Holidays with his family, going on walks. His work, with all the tools, building, making.

working drawing of bundle of G

clothing, a brand of a motorhome, tools, so often used

figure out placement

bundle of G. inside

My design: a memory in the shape of an oldfashioned case for ringspanners, folded and rolled, with a clasp.

I will use the black fabric as a base, to leave the outside simple, with the colour in the heart of it, seeing that when taking more time, similar to G.

The storage pockets will be made from parts of colourful clothing.

I start cutting with a conscious thought about G. It is a poignant moment. Then I place the tools and the fabrics of pockets.

The bundle is made with G’s clothing, the outside case from a well crafted dressing gown, well made and good, like G. himself. A rough edge as a symbol for his passing away. With his tools, just to hold what he held so many times…