About me

A piece of art in your home or office. Every day something to look at, enjoy and think about. To have or, for a change, to rent. 

About me

I was lucky, my parents both had professional craftsmanship in diverse fields, like sewing and woodworking. They taught me a lot. Ever since I was young I had the need to express a more personal approach with some of these techniques, tell my own story.

I show my visions and inspirations in my work.

As an artist I let myself be inspired by the walks in the forests of the Veluwe, a nature reserve in the centre of the Netherlands, my hometown Hattem is on the edge. The materials I find speak of a different world, and I try shaping that, or even those, in my pieces.

My works talks about our environment, through the simple and pure material, branches, leaves with thread and adding vintage cotton and silk. 

Our relation with the world, now and in the future plays a part in my art.

I am fascinated by time, and what happens when it passes. Take a fossil, a print in time, so long ago. Adding the very recent prints of leaves only just from the forest floor. Very quick to fade and so fragile. So common they are hardly noticed. And yet, what an impression, and beauty. Does it last, or perish? And are only the prints left?

As an experienced teacher, I teach all ages. I have a degree in art education as well as one in embroidered textiles. My specialty is textiles, but I do use other materials as well. 

I teach workshops in making felt, puppets, sculptures and much more. Have a look at what’s on offer!

My husband, cats, dogs and I live in Hattem, near the forest. It is a true present to live there, walking the dogs, being in nature, to be inspired and relax. Wonderful.

In Hattem I am a member of the Art Guild Hattem, a local artist’s group with very diverse disciplines. I am also a member  of Prism, a London based textile artist’s group