wearable art 

Jewellery, a unique shawl, a necklace enhancing your beauty. Skillfully made with care for you to enjoy. A quirky handbag, just your thing.

Interested? Have a look around here and if you have special wishes for a piece you dream about, contact me.

Wedding chain with compression fittings (sold)
pendant Sun
Necklace Green
Necklace and scarf with silk and felt
Necklace Summer
Necklace Pearl (sold)
Purse fire
Purse forest (sold)

Wedding shawl

A custom made shawl as the perfect wrap up of your wedding outfit.

Made to perfectly complement your dress.

I make a design according to pictures, or a visit, and may use the lace as a base for it. With a fragile felt decoration ans, if you so desire, embroidery and some bling, your shawl will be a one of a kind.

wedding stole with dress
What a beautiful couple!

The composition is important. With a fragile felt decoration your stole becomes a real one-of-a-kind. If you want, you can also add embroidery, for example with sparkling bling in the form of beads or sequins.

subtly apply the wool