Dear customer or particitant,
In these terms I wrote down our rights and duties. If you take part in one of my workshops or courses or buy an artwork and a problem arises, please contact me so we can find a solution for the issue together.
When reading in this text one of these words, this is what is meant:

I: Willeke Klaassen, by the same name written down as a company in the Chamber of Commerce with the number 51091917, and the user of these terms,
You: the natural or lawfully represented person who takes a course, commissions a memory bundle, purchases or rents an art work, or gives a commission.

Program: artwork, workshops, courses and company trainingsessions.
These terms apply to all offers, agreements and other commitments of law between you and me.

On offer
I give offers on my website, through my blog and in other ways.
Offers last as long as stated, and end after the stated time period.

We have an agreement when you make use of an offer or price and time frame for a bundle or an artwork, commissioned or otherwise, or if you want to participate in a course, workshop or training, when applicable fees are paid by you.
When buying an artwork we can make an appointment for installing the work, at extra costs.
In the case of a commission I wil send one mail with pictures of the process, so the progress can be seen b the customer.
If there is a necessity to change an agreement, I will let you know on time, well before the time the change is needed.

Rent a work of art
Before the time period of rent you send your adress and a copy of your passport or other identification, for companies next to this a copy of the membership of the chamber of commerce.
You will get and move the piece yourself, at an extra cost I can deliver and install the piece.
The timeframe of a rent is three months en will be increased with another 3 months unless the appointment is terminated in writing two weeks before the end of the agreement.

The works of art, meant in the agreement as stated above, always remains my property. They may only he used in accordance with the agreement. When you do not keep the agreement in paying the fee or otherwise, I am entitled to the return of my property, and any damage has to be paid for by you.
If for any reason my pieces are seized you are under obligation to let me know immediately. If it is because of your doing I charge you for all the measures I have to take to get my art back.

Payment of rent
The fee for the 3 month rent has to be paid in advance. You will get an invoice for the amount. I am allowed to increase prices and rent with the price index figure.

The state the art is in
Immediately after receiving the piece please check if the art is as it should be. If there is something wrong let me know within two days after delivery. If there is no word within that time The art is deliverd and received without fault or damage.

Place of the art
The pieces of art will be collected by you, unless otherwise stated in the agreement, and stay on the named adress. Moving the art is only admissable after written permission, at least two weeks before moving. You will keep the art safe and whole, and if there is any damage that will be paid by you. It is forbidden to move the art to another country.