Where do you get your ideas!

Finding inspiration

Well, I get those through looking! Strange, or maybe too easy? Just try it and keep doing it, practice in really seeing objects, colours and atmospheres around you. 

If you practice looking, and seeing, inspiration can be found everywhere. I was making jam (yes, another one of my qualities) and saw that the just filled jars are in a nice pattern. A quick change from jam to image and a snap on the phone. And on with the jam!

Or I’m walking  somewhere out in the great outdoors when this passes under my feet: interesting, big pieces, small ones, with bits of grass in between. Straight lines and some not so straight. What a beautiful composition.
Or just a train platform. Horizontal lines in the middle, and one in front. Vertical lines in the background, nice plane with tiles.
Or just a look up, with wonderful connections, round and straight lines, the sky peeping through. 

After seeing this and aquiring the inspiration, I play with it. How do I do that? I’ll let you know in the next post.

Which picture do you like best? Do you have an inspirational piccie? Let me know and play along in the next blog!